Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Weekly post - my "Oxymoron Practice"

I've decided that I need to get bloggin' more often, but since I'm up to my eyebrows in work and looking for work, I only have time for one personal thought every few days. To that end, I am starting the new series detailing the normal life. 

While the optimist in me loves that (paraphrased)  quote, "One step forward and one step backward sounds like the Cha-Cha to me!" I am more practical.

We are our own worst enemies. And this series will be my shortest version of that cliché.

I present to you, the posts, to be updated weekly (hopefully) of my life practice of the Oxymoron. Kind of like my yoga practice - intermittent and totally good for you:

Today's oxymoron practice: took a 45 minute walk, then came home & ate a sleeve of thin mints

this week's oxymoron practice - dressing up

got all dressed up for a dinner out, then had to fix the hem of the shirt with duct tape