Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Helicopter Moms Anonymous update: Don't let this be you!

I've explained in my writings that I am a recovering Helicopter Mom. (see my up original confessions and the formation of HMA here.)

As part of my 12 steps to recovery, I need to share the stories of Heli Moms gone overboard and I believe I've heard the coming of the apocalypse for the newest generation. Yesterday,  On All Things Considered air one such horror show: Helicopter Parents Hover In The Workplace.

The most horrible horror of this story is that the "expert" concludes that workplaces should embrace the meddling parents!

So, now, Mom is not only responsible for raising the kid, feeding the kid, doing all the kid's homework, covering up for the kid, and the company will refuse to hire HER because she is over 50 and has not had a paying career for 20 years, (note, that I say 'paying' job, because God knows she's been working) but now, she has to do her kid's job herslef!

Bad NPR! Go to your room! This is enabling, like inviting an alcoholic to a bar and shoving a martini in her hand.